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Create lifestyles around the art of tea brewing & drinking.
Most of our tea blend recipes have been crafted in-house by our flavor artists, so you won’t find our teas anywhere else! Always blended and packaged locally at our Naperville Tea Lounge, we have more than 80 varieties. All natural ingredients with no preservatives or additives - our blends contain only tea leaves, dried fruits, spices, herbs, and natural flavor extracts.
3 Wellness Teas in long tin containers, with 2 pyramid teabags spilling out of one container.

for foodservice

We have tailor-made options for any establishment - fine dining, casual quick serve, hospitality, spas, bars & lounges, even food trucks.

We offer pyramid sachets (biodegradable & 100% plastic free), iced tea sachets, cold brew, loose leaf tea for traditional teapot service, & more! NO additional staff training for ANY of these options - become a wholesale partner and learn more about our "hands-off operations".

Start your journey into the delicious world of tea and delight your customers with the art of tea brewing & drinking!

for retail

Look no further for your next unique product! Our line of High Caf Tea and our newly launched line of Meditation Tea pair perfectly to draw in both types of tea drinkers - energy seekers and relaxation gurus. Both product lines are uniquely packaged to turn heads and are 100% recyclable.
High Caf Tea cubes
Unique Flavors.
New Experiences.


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