Artisanal. Unique flavors. New Experiences.

Creating flavorful food ingredients, and infused foods and beverages since 2009.
At Amez, our purpose is to connect contemporary flavor and delight, with the art of ancient traditional cooking.

HumbLe Beginnings

We started our flagship brand Curry's with the focus on creating the freshest, most authentic, Indian-inspired spice blends. Our muse was the ancient tradition of dry roasting and grinding whole spices just before cooking to ensure the strongest, freshest flavors. Thus began the 3 cornerstones of our company - Flavor, Freshness, and Tradition.

We began with what we now call our "Five Founding Spices" - Curry Powder, Garam Masala, Tandoori Rub, Chai Sugar, Chai Latte Spice - selling at neighborhood farmer's markets and local retail stores.

From Day 1, until now, we still dry-roast and hand-blend our expanded range of spice blends, use no preservatives nor fillers, and only produce in small batches. Our spice blends contain no salt and are high in flavor - each one is a blend of 10 to 15 whole spices, and each has a unique taste profile, yet all are versatile enough to be paired with any dish you create!
Curry's Markets and Events since 2010
Growing beyond our first brand, we started infusing our flavors and spices into snacks, beverages, and baked desserts. Our mission remains the same - all our products are handmade with freshness and flavor quality in mind, and we often use the long method of production plus real, natural ingredients.

• Our bottled teas and coffees are cold-brewed for 24 hours so you can enjoy the depths of flavor and the health benefits from our quality ingredients.
• Our flavored Sipping Chocolates contain real pieces of chocolate (not dusty cocoa powder!) for the creamiest, silkiest, most luxurious drink.
• Our baked goods are traditional favorites, but connect exciting new flavors with a simple list of ingredients, all made from scratch.

Try any of our brands and they will be sure to delight your tastebuds and leave you with a full and happy bellies!

Our Team

Gayatri and Sujata, a mother-daughter duo with the shared love of adventuring the world and exploring new food cultures, started Amez Infusions as a way of sharing their own traditional food culture with other adventurous souls, and perhaps making Indian flavors a little less daunting for the not-so-adventurous.
A nutritionist-turned-entrepreneur, Gayatri grew up in a family that owned a chain of hospitality businesses across three cities of India. From a young age, she overlooked professional chefs making fresh food from scratch, using exotic spice blends, ground just before cooking. These experiences taught her the importance of offering customers the best possible dining experience, and how the freshness and quality of ingredients made all the difference in the end result of a dish.
Inheriting a love for food from her mother, Sujata was initially hired as the official taste-tester when our flagship line of spices were being developed. She approved of the products so much, she packed up a few jars of the blends for college, to spice up bland cafeteria food. Now with a background in architecture and graphic design, and a passion for all things food, Sujata is an important part of the team, working behind-the-scenes to make her mother’s creative ideas into a reality.
Unique Flavors.
New Experiences.


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